Джоли уволила няню за флирт с Питтом

In Hollywood fired another nanny-the temptress who almost destroyed the marriage by one more famous actors.

No time to subside scandal after gossip Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck, as a storm broke out in the new stellar family. To the nines quarreled Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt. And fight as a blueprint, similar to the story with Affleck, got on all the covers of American tabloids: the innocent handsome actor and evil-vicious babysitter’s a homewrecker.

This was announced a few days ago. As we found out, Angie found his wife all lovey-dovey with the nanny in the kitchen. And it would seem, what here such? Maybe Jolie unnecessarily dramatizes?! Probably not. Indeed, at the time of the conversation pitt was in a towel. And nanny TA-a-AK back at him that even the main sex symbol of Hollywood Jolie became a bit awkward.

But it has repeatedly drawn attention to the excessive obsession the babysitter.

“It is literally in the eye climbed with his friendship! Everywhere Brad went, the nurse was there. Cost him to go to the pool, as the girl was swimming in it! Angelina understood that between the nanny and brad couldn’t be, but at some point it began to strain the attention of the girl, – has informed journalists a source close to the star family. — Angie of suspicion passed into paranoia. Well, the story in the kitchen just was the last straw”.

Well, the nurse promptly removed from view of the Hollywood handsome man, and with pitt was held a correctional conversation. Like, there’s nothing to talk teeth.

And it would seem that the story is so American ended with a happy ending, but in this case somehow it is a pity the nanny. First, the girl lost my job (most probably very very well paid). And secondly, that you would resist, not to flirt with pitt standing in a towel?

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