Джонни Депп пытается уйти от ответа за избиение жены
The continuation of a terrible scandal in a stellar family.

Джонни Депп пытается уйти от ответа за избиение жены

Johnny Depp and amber heard in 2014

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Looks like
what the scandal in the family, johnny Depp and amber heard, just erupted.
Just yesterday amber made some very serious accusations against
his wife, saying that he systematically beat her. And now, in this
potentially crime stories appeared in the news.

Johnny through his representative, attempted to refute the charges of his wife, right
hinting: Hurd allegedly started a company with the aim to obtain in a divorce
a lot of money. However, it looks like Depp will be very difficult to prove that he is not
beat his wife. As it became known to the reporters of the newspaper Hollywoodlife,
Amber had already presented two witnesses who can confirm under oath,
that he regularly allowed himself to dismiss his hands!

Amber Heard

Photo: Instagram.com

The main witness was a neighbor of johnny and his wife to a luxury condominium, where living couple. Raquel rose Pennington celebrity couple didn’t just neighbors, but friends, and she was a frequent guest in their apartment. That evening, when johnny struck heard that same injury on the face, which the actress captured on the photos presented in court, Raquel looked to amber chat. Later, Depp said that the overall impression Pennington and heard was not just drunk, but also, it seems that under the influence of some drug. Soon as the woman told, johnny picked a quarrel with his wife, and Raquel chose delicately removed. However, some time later, amber called her and had asked him to come. The apartments Depp, Pennington caught this scene: amber curled up on the couch, covering his head with his hands, and on her face were obvious signs of beating, and Depp hung over her, yelling threats. Raquel rushed to the aid of her friend and tried to cover her with himself. It’s a little sobered Depp and he, cursing women, retreated. After that, Pennington quickly took amber to his. Rose is ready to confirm that it was not the only episode of “family violence”. Amber and complained before her beating, and she saw firsthand that there is no obvious evidence.

The second witness — spouses have a mutual friend, actor, Director and photographer working under the pseudonym IO Tillet Wright. He is ready to prove that amber called him during an argument — this happened at a time when rose went to his home for the first time. A quarrel then broke out, however, IO Tillet heard drunken cries Depp and his threats to his wife. The situation is clearly tense, and he cried amber, “get out of the house!” And then the connection was lost…

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