Михаила Турецкого поздравляют с рождением внучки
The founder of the famous choir became a grandfather for the second time.

Михаила Турецкого поздравляют с рождением внучки

Natalia and newborn daughter

Photo: @Instagram nturetskaya

As it became known,
today Mikhail Turetsky, the whole day accepts congratulations from colleagues and friends with
the birth of a granddaughter. His daughter Natalia became a mother for the second time, giving birth to the light
girl. She announced this on his page in the social network.

It is also known that the granddaughter
Mikhail was born in the elite Moscow region perinatal center. The name of the newborn
still kept secret, as, indeed, and other details. But Natalia already
published the first picture of the baby. In the coming days Natalia was out of
of the hospital and go home. “The days in the hospital with baby stay at the resort!” —
Natalia wrote in the microblog.

Михаила Турецкого поздравляют с рождением внучки

Michael Turetsky with her grandson Vanya

Photo: Courtesy Of M. Turkish

Natalia Turkish with his son Vanya

Photo: @Instagram nturetskaya

Michael, who are already growing up two year old grandson Vanya, just overjoyed. He posted on Instagram a photo of the daughter and signed it: “it is Finished! Natalia — double-mother! Congratulations!!”. The founder of the choir is very kind to its grandfather status. He tries to spend with his grandson in their free time. Ahead of Michael is waiting for, probably, many more happy moments, because he — the father of four daughters! If each of them in the future would bear him two grandsons, the musician can easily become a grandfather eight times. But it had yet to come, in the meantime, the Turkish family is receiving congratulations on the appearance of another girl.

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