5 best plants for the garden

5 лучших растений для дачи
Plant today, will gather in two weeks.

5 лучших растений для дачи

Many gardeners-gardeners have seriously prepared for the upcoming summer season

Photo: Fotodom.ru

soon there will come long-awaited summer, and many gardeners-gardeners already seriously
has prepared for the upcoming summer season: the garden planted a variety of
seedlings. Ahead of them expect the everyday works in the garden — watering, weeding and
fertilizer. But what to do if you do not have the time and patience to
many hours of care on the beds, and on the table all you want, but as soon as possible, to see
own-grown fruit? The portal 7days.ru have prepared a selection of plants that ripen in the
short period of time.


5 лучших растений для дачи


Photo: Fotodom.ru

One of the
the favorite with many growers of vegetables is radish. First, because
she is not whimsical care. And secondly, planted or grown
purchased seedlings, in two weeks you can safely go in the garden
– collect ripened radishes.
The only thing that matters for radish — watering, but with this easy to handle even
child. And when the harvest is ripe, you can repeat planting seedlings and enjoy
own-grown radish until the autumn, or until you get bored. Nice

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