Джонни Депп похвастался новой стрижкой на премьере «Алисы в Зазеркалье»

Monday, may 23, at the Hollywood premiere of the new creations of Tim Burton (as producer) of “Alice in Wonderland”.

Not to be missed, this event could not as the stars who performed in the movie the main roles, and their colleagues, who enjoy the fantastic film adaptation.

Thus, fotowala were seen Carmen Electra, Jenna, Elfman, Anne Hathaway, Sacha Baron Cohen, MIA Wasikowska and, of course, johnny Depp.

The media attention was riveted as to Hathaway, which has long not been seen at social events (recall that the actress was pregnant first, and then enjoyed the motherhood), and Depp.

Джонни Депп похвастался новой стрижкой на премьере «Алисы в Зазеркалье»

At the last linger a little longer. What to say, johnny is not the same. The actor has noticeably gained weight. So much so that even big suit, who chose the actor for the premiere, could not hide the extra pounds.

Pleasing to the eye, only the updated image of the ex-pirate. Johnny did today’s fashionable haircut, a little combing, and then deliberately messed up my hair, to look more like the character he embodies in the film (Mad Hatter), shaved, leaving only a small beard and moustache.

Overall, everything seemed harmonious and stylish Depowski. But, yet again, johnny is not the same.

And what do you say?

Джонни Депп похвастался новой стрижкой на премьере «Алисы в Зазеркалье»
Джонни Депп похвастался новой стрижкой на премьере «Алисы в Зазеркалье»

“Alice in Wonderland” — the handiwork of filmmaker James Reel, English Director, producer and screenwriter, who previously worked on “the Muppets” and “Ali g Show”.

A new adventure began for the heroine MIA Wasikowska and joyful, and sad at the same time. She meets up with her old friends — the White rabbit (Michael sheen), the Mad Hatter (johnny Depp), Cheshire cat (Stephen fry), the White Queen Miranol (Anne Hathaway) and enemy, the red Queen and Jabberwocky, as well as to get acquainted with Time (Sasha Baron Cohen). Of course, on the way to meet Alice and Blue Caterpillar, voiced by Alan Rickman who died.

It should say that in the first part of the franchise Burton pretty much walked away from the source and, in the disney tradition, used the storyline and characters of both books from Lewis Carroll, so it’s hard to assume what will be discussed in the new “Alice in Wonderland”.

The Russian premiere will take place on may 27.

Recall “Alice in Wonderland” directed by Tim Burton was released to the big screen six years ago. When focus on shooting the $ 200 million, the film more than paid for itself, having collected in world hire more than $ 1 billion and has received two Academy awards — for “Best scenery” and “Best costumes”. But, not without a spoon of tar: the critics found something to complain about. More than the rest went to the Hatter played by johnny Depp and the Director. Both were accused of being nothing new, they are not shown. Interestingly, this time all will be satisfied?

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