Причиной смерти мужа Селин Дион могло стать падение, а не онкозаболевание

Canadian singer Celine Dion became a widow in the night from 13 to 14 January this year. After years of struggle with cancer, the disease her husband singer Rene Angelil still won.

For several months Celine has chosen not to communicate with the press on such an emotionally exhausting topic, but recently the star decided to open up and share with fans the circumstances of the death of 73-year-old husband.

As it turned out, Angelil died not from the cancer itself, but most likely from the fall.

Rene found his bed, according to Dion, “mad nurse”.

“Renee wanted to die in my arms, but, alas, that night I performed. He must have wanted to get up, but fell on the floor…”, — shared the singer.

“As a rule, after my show I came to him, then he was taking her medication, I kissed him and put him to sleep. That night I didn’t want to Wake him. It was found by a nurse the next morning. She was very confused when it came to me in the morning, then I went into the room Renee…” — said Selin.

Now Dion recognizes that there is a possibility that the husband received some sort of trauma when he fell down, and that was the cause of death. But to find out that nobody will.

We will remind, it became known that Celine Dion had inherited from Rene Angelil.


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