Бывший муж Джанет Джексон рассказал о ее неизвестных детях

50-year-old Janet Jackson in a short time, for the first time will become a mother. This was the star of the scene personally told fans, noting that it was now the most responsible, important and happy period in her life. The details of how the firstborn of the singer will be born, nobody knows. But still the environment is happy for Janet and wish her a successful resolution of this issue.

While some people are preparing to congratulate the mother on the birth of your firstborn, her ex-husband singer James Debarge says Janet all the cheats, saying that so far was childless.

The man reveals the secrets of his ex and says that in fact Jackson is the child she gave birth to in the 80s and gave it up for adoption.

“I didn’t know that Janet had the baby,” said James in an interview with National Enquierer. – But one day I was approached by a woman in his 30s and asked to arrange a meeting.”

The singer says that after the death of foster mother of the girl, she set about trying to find the woman who gave birth to her. According to Debarge, unknown was even willing to do a DNA test to prove his innocence.

Mom, Debarge went even further in revealing family secrets Janet and said that the also has a son. The name of the guy Omer Batty. According to rumors, now it has been dancing and DJing in Norway.

We will remind, marriage Janet Jackson with James Debarge is not happy. Young got married in 1984, and in 1985, the Union was annulled.

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