Irina Dubtsova has lost a lot of money because of fraud

Ирина Дубцова потеряла большие деньги из-за мошенников The singer has toured with concerts throughout Russia. Yesterday in Simferopol, the star and her team gave a concert. However, before the performance, the organizers disappeared, taking with them money and passing the return tickets artists.

      Ирина Дубцова потеряла большие деньги из-за мошенников

      At the moment Russian star Irina Dubtsova is on tour. Yesterday the singer appeared before the audience in the Crimean Simferopol. Hall, received a warm welcome actress and loudly applauded her. Throughout the performance the audience sang along to her favorite hits them. However, the concert could not take place because Dubtsova and her team completely lost the fee for the performance. The organizers of the show were dishonest people and disappeared with the money in less than 3 hours prior to the performance.

      Irina spared that still came on stage and performed their songs in front of the Crimean people. But in his microblog she in detail told, how all was.

      “Despite the fact that the organizers of the concert in Simferopol, disappeared with the money for 2.5 hours before it starts, surrendered our return tickets, did not pay for drivers, technicians, room hire, lighting, sound, security and so on, we held a concert and want to say thank you to everyone who came! Thanks for the notice! Thanks for the welcome and for the flowers and joy! Not everything is measured by money. The concert was amazing!”, – posted by Irina under a short video from the concert.

      Because of this situation, Irina has canceled a concert in Sevastopol, because they studied the same group of organizers. Fans from Simferopol thanked the singer for what she refused to compete. “Ira, thank you for the pleasure of the concert. You are the best! Yesterday you radiated kindness and love!” “Thank you for Your work! The concert was just awesome!”, “Irina, you’re a big fellow! You’re an artist with a capital letter. After all, the love of the audience will not be bought for any money” – these words of gratitude and support has left fans Dubtsova on her page in the social network.

      By the way, some time ago all fans of the actress were shocked by the news that she will no longer be able to tour. In April Irina was on tour in Belarus, and she urgently had to cancel a number of performances, as it had worsened seasonal allergies. During bouts of illness Irina was disturbed breathing and speaking function, and the singer pursued a severe cough. In this condition she could not speak, she required the assistance of a doctor. As a rule, in the period of exacerbation of Allergy Dubtsova leaving the country, but this year concert activity did not allow the star to plan in advance where she will live out the blossom of nature.

      Irina Dubtsova has cancelled the tour due to illness

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