Джонни Депп и Эмбер Херд достигли соглашения в бракоразводном процессе

That’s all? After photos of a battered wife and mutilated her husband, tired and angry amber heard and Depp John forced a last smile portraying happiness in the end.

If you believe the media, over $ 7 million, the actress has withdrawn its allegations of violence, but then again she couldn’t blame johnny. In parallel, the ban was lifted on the approach adopted by the court has started consideration of the case.
“Our relationship was stormy and sometimes volatile, but always associated with love. None of the parties did not make wrong accusations for the purpose of financial gain and did not want to cause emotional or moral harm to the other party. Amber heard wants johnny all the best. All funds received in the divorce process she will be allowed to charity. No more comments regarding this case will not” — said in a statement. Does this mean that the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” to hit his wife? And does this mean that heard from Depp was just $ 7 million, after payment which a seemingly endless divorce process unexpectedly ended? Time will tell us how it really is.

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