Леонид Якубович проходит лечение в Германии

Known Russian TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich is seriously ill. As it became known to journalists, at the moment cancelled all projects with his participation, and he remains on treatment in Germany.

Recently in the theater “School of modern play”, the opening 28 of the season. Leonid Yakubovich had to replace a deceased albert Filozova in the play “the Last Aztec”.
“Partner Tatiana Vedeneyeva was supposed to be Leonid Yakubovich, and before the close of last season we all gathered together, as at a table, discussed the figure of the play, the characters. It was planned that the 4 of September we will play the premiere of a new composition. But life has made adjustments. Leonid Arkadievich became seriously ill and now is on treatment in Germany. I am constantly in touch with him, I hope that all will be well,” said the theatre’s artistic Director Joseph Raihelgauz.
We hope that soon Mr Abramovich will be fine and will continue to offer rotate the drum and give gifts.

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