Джон Уоррен дарит возможность отправиться в сказочную Каппадокию
The popular TV presenter has prepared for the admirers a surprise.

John Warren

Host of the popular culinary
travel project
NTV “let’s Go to eat!” John Warren announced the beginning of the first
the 2018 contest! Now one of the most delicious Russian expedition
TV will give fans of the programme the opportunity to go to one
of the most fabulous cities of Turkey — Cappadocia — and to take part in
the filming of the popular show.

the period from 3 March to 2 June, a famous Briton will
to show live pictures of one of the
memorable places in Turkey. Viewers have to guess what is this place, and
also specify what historical fact is or what event it is associated.
The contest organizers pay attention to: one-word answers are not
accepted, John Warren expects from participants of the bright
and creative messages. A letter with the answer and a small story about
yourself, a photo and a link to the social network to send to
e-mail address
[email protected].

every issue of the broadcaster will announce the name of the winner of the tour, which
guaranteed to receive one of the prizes:
Cup, plate or apron with the logo “let’s Go to eat!”, and
Souvenirs provided by the Department of culture and tourism of the Turkish Embassy in
Russia. As the main prize winner selected from
intermediate winners will have an exciting trip
in Cappadocia, together with John Warren and his team, as well as
the opportunity to become one of the main characters of the new edition of the popular
of the project.

“Spring is always the beginning of something! For example, our new contest “Lucky”.
This time I propose to meet you
with the unknown Turkey, which she had not seen before: a mysterious,
fragrant, colorful, like exquisite carpet, the Sultan, the wise, as the ancient
elder!” said presenter John Warren.