Светлана Устинова спасает мужа
Producer Ilya Stewart lost his voice.

Svetlana Ustinova with her husband Ilya Stewart


Record cold in the capital has caught the husband of Svetlana Ustinova — Ilya Stewart. He lost his voice and for several days could not talk. “I fly it for more than a week with special herbs, brewed thyme, which she drink from childhood to strengthen the immune system, — says Ustinov. — Regular warm up and massage — all this is doing to Ilya, so he quickly came to form. I think next year we’ll just fly away to warmer climes for the winter, to avoid such torment.”

Ustinov is recognized that in a few years, Ilya became her most dear person on light.

“We with Ilya introduced the premiere of a Hollywood movie —
says Svetlana. — Screening begins long, long awaited arrival
American stars. And we all was hanging out, discussing movies,
theatre. I then thought again: “What a nice young man, why do I see
it for the first time?” Ilya at that time was engaged in development of
the production of commercials, and I appeared in St. Petersburg, Odessa,
and the next time we saw each other in the same accident only six months later, on secular
party. Sat a large company at the table and chatted again cute
all night. Then again not seen for a month. But soon our mutual friends decided
dinner where we met for the third time and since then did not leave.

Familiarity with
his parents took place in the form of extreme swimming lessons: when
beginner thrown out of the boat in the middle of the river, and he has no other options
but to swim. (Laughs.) Family of Ilya invited me to celebrate together
New year and then go on vacation, although by the time Ilya and I met
only a month old. But everything was great, we instantly liked it. And
I am a sincere interest and awe to know them closer. In the family of Elijah all very
strong, complicated characters, but the incredible talents and achievements
wonderful people who always come to help, tell me
support. And like grandma Ilya Emilia S.!

I have for many years
was a vegetarian, but a month after “Dating” her cutlets surrendered
and now happy to eat all her meat and she herself learn to cook.
I have always admired women who know how to combine family and
career, and it’s just a case of the mother and grandmother of Elijah. With my parents it
met later, since they rarely come to Moscow. Mom and dad
immediately received him: for them the main thing — to see me happy, and I’m happy. Have
we with Ilya formed a perfect tandem. I know I can turn to
him with any request, and he always listen and support. We discuss everything
the proposed role, together, watching movies with my participation, analyzed and
we are working on the bugs. For me it is not easy to accept criticism, but Ilya
able subtly to hint at mistakes and emphasize dignity. In General, the main
not only that we are passionate about one thing, and something we are passionate about each other —
this is the biggest happiness.”