Джоан Роулинг высказалась на тему женского оргазма

For many years the head has developed a strong belief that British author JK Rowling, who gave the world the fabulous world of the “Harry Potter” just can’t talk about ‘ adult themes. The writer never did, and certainly didn’t write novels like “50 shades of grey” by E. L. James.

On the same day Rowling surprised her fans when came to the defense of the female orgasm.

Outrage Rowling has caused an article in The New York Times about the nature of female orgasm. American scientists came to the conclusion about the meaninglessness of the female orgasm from a biological point of view.

To respond to this study by researchers Rowling rushed to Twitter and left the post the following content: “the prospect to push out of your vagina something weighing three pounds — this is probably more than enough incentive for sex”.

Fans of Joan liked that their favorite is interested in all aspects of human existence, and someone even said that are meaningless, not the female orgasm as such, and do pseudo-scientists with their research.

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