Отчим Ким Кардашьян обвиняет папарацци в его ДТП

The stepfather of Kim Kardashian Bruce/Kathleen Jenner intends to sue the paparazzi. The reason for the trials was the confidence of the stars that it was the fault of hunters in sensations she had an accident.

The star of the show “I’m Caitlin” claims that a group of paparazzi chased him on the highway the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu with the intention of making a few frames. This greatly distracted Jenner, resulting in an accident.

Attorney Jenner claims that she’s behind the wheel held steady, road rules are not violated, observe speed limits and followed all the directions.

Who exactly will be facing a lawsuit caitlyn is not yet known. Not reported the amount of compensation that will require former Olympian.

Note that in the crash his Rolls-Royce broke mom of the Kardashian clan Kris Jenner.


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