Муж Наргиз Закировой арестован за угрозы в адрес сына

Nargiz Zakirova is seriously concerned about the safety of your son Awele. The fact that 59-year-old husband of singer Philip Balsano, with whom she recently decided to leave, and began to threaten the stepson.

In this regard, Balzano was arrested and is currently under arrest: “Philip is now in police custody, but let him go. This happens because there was no trial yet. It will be held only in September, and without the final judgment, the police has no right to detain Phil.

Evidence that the threatening son was really from Nargis are available. Balzano, apparently in a fit of anger, sent all the SMS messages that Nargis will provide in court. According to singer Philip called Awela “worthless” and threatened to destroy it.

The young man did not respond to the aggressive attacks of his stepfather, showing the messages to your lawyer.

“A lawyer has messages about the threats, as a long-standing and yesterday. He says that 99.9% Philip lose!”, summed up the story Nargis.

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