Названа дата публикации новой книги о Бриджит Джонс

Almost every movie that is presented to us on the big screen, in its original form was the book. Based on the novels of different writers create a story, which would have been interesting to observe the audience. Was no exception and the film series “the Diary of Bridget Jones”, filmed on the basis of the novel’s writer Helen Fielding, published in 1996.

Soon we will be able to observe the continuation of this story, in the third part of the franchise, “Bridget Jones’s Diary” “Child of Bridget Jones”. The world premiere is scheduled for September 2016. But the second book will be released a little late in October.

Recall the plot of the third film will focus on a pregnant Bridget Jones who roll in the hay with two men, does not know who is the father of her child.

The filmmakers try to intrigue the fans, because came up with a very cunning scheme. The writer and Director of Bridget Jones ” has decided to remove several endings new film, and they will do this to even the actors playing the main roles, was wondering what is the end of the film.

In an interview with the Sunday Express during a break between filming the movie “Child of Bridget Jones’ Renee Zellweger told that all the twists and turns of the story no one knows – neither she nor her colleagues on the set of Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey. All they had to do three different endings of the film and how it will end, “Child of Bridget Jones”, even starred in it are actors learn only at the premiere.

“It’s kind of brilliant. None of the cast not know who the father of baby Bridget or with whom it will remain in the end. The plan of the producers is to keep it secret until the premiere,” shared Zellweger.

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