Джессика Честейн считает Каннский фестиваль сексистским

Last Sunday ended the Cannes film festival, but his discussion does not stop until now. Hollywood actress Jessica Cystein, known for their feminist views, told the audience that after watching two dozen tapes, presented this year at the event, she, as a member of the jury must confess that the contest was sexist.

“During these ten days that I spent in the jury, I saw how cinema looks at a woman’s place in the world. This was clearly evident through the female characters that I saw in the tapes,” said Jessica and added that, in General, to watch movies she was unpleasant because of their sexism. Exceptions there were, but they were very few.
“Images of women on screen unpleasantly surprised me,” said Kistan, without going into details what exactly she did not like the tapes. To correct the situation can only participate in the festival a greater number of women Directors where the actress and called on the organizers. Cystein reminded that the winner of the contest this year – Sofia Coppola became only the second woman who won the main prize in the history of the festival.
We will remind that it not the first similar statement Jessica. So, in an interview with Variety, Cystein said that will never star in movies, for the fourth part of the fees of the male counterparts.