Ashley Graham hated school because of the harassment of classmates

Эшли Грэхем ненавидела школу из-за преследований одноклассников

Today is Ashley Graham is one of the most famous plus-size models, free and open to the world, doughnut that support the same as it is, people with excess weight, and once she was just a big girl that’s been abused by peers because of its features. As is often the case, Ashley became the object of taunts, and because of this hated institution.

Recently, a woman presented her new book “the New version of the model: in practice, look confidence, beauty and power” (“A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty and Power Really Look Like”), in which he spoke about the reasons why I would never want to go back.
“My school years I recall with horror. My classmates constantly bullied me, spread rumours. Every day I would hear how ugly I am and what I have to do this or that. Girls in school teased me about my “fat thighs” or screamed at me: “beep-Beep! Goes away, the truck is coming!” I hated school and never wanted to go back to those times,” said Ashley.
Over time Graham realized that the classmates are simply jealous of her or jealous of her success.
“The time will come when at school I hear how I am ugly and on the same day, admired me as a model. At first I just listened in silence, but then began to fight back,” said Ashley. Recall that Graham once in the interview complained about his father, who, like her peers, humiliated her, focusing on the extra weight. And even in the days when she was already a famous model, agreed with her Manager that she needs to lose weight. Ashley took his opinion as offensive and since then, father and daughter rarely communicate.