The inhabitant of Saratov became famous all over the country, taking photos in a pool

Жительница Саратова прославилась на всю страну, сделав фото в луже Thus Anna Moskvicheva has tried to draw attention to bad roads. According to the woman, after a rain ride on car is simply impossible. That’s why she staged a provocative photo shoot in swimsuit for the local administration noticed the problem.

“In this way tried to draw attention to the problem of roads in the city, – explained the “StarHit” 30 years of Saratovka. – Modeling is my hobby. By education I am an economist. Now in the decree, are raising 4-year-old Milan and 2-year-old Demid.

Every day take the kids to the garden. Recently in the city of rains, a huge puddle because of the bad roads – drive is simply impossible. Complained to the pit, but to no avail. Had to take the initiative in your hands: for the day came up with the idea, found houses the inflatable flamingos and swimsuit “Baywatch”, waited for the rain and came out to be photographed at the treacherous puddles.

The shooting lasted for two hours, had to run to the car to get warm. During the operation we removed all the passing motorists. Some even asked: “And what magazine are the pictures?” or “what is the timed event?” To be honest, I was going to photoshoot attracted attention. But not to this extent!

He supported me, said, “if I have to, go for it!” And the parents were in shock. They were abroad when she learned about the fallen on me glory. But I calmed my mother explained that this was a planned shooting. Friends still send an SMS with the words: “super Photo!”, “Anya, you’re done!” Children also knew nothing. Only on TV and then saw the report about mom. Plan to do a few more of these provocations. Importantly, the city administration has noticed and solved the problem!”