Jennifer Lopez talked about the first date

Дженнифер Лопес рассказала о первом свидании
At the restaurant where she had dinner with Alex Rodriguez, the fire alarm went off and the couple had to evacuate.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez


Jennifer Lopez has told how she invited her current boyfriend on a date despite his “shyness in similar situations.” But she wanted to meet him closer and we can say that it was always a little in love with in absentia. Before she met the famous athlete only during baseball games, which attended together with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, big fan of Rodriguez. And last year, Lopez saw Alex at a party, approached him and patted him on the shoulder. And then he invited me to have dinner together at a restaurant in Beverly hills.

Jennifer was, in her words, out with interesting and very attractive man, but Alex is not immediately realized that the singer can take him serious. For some reason he at first suspected that she invited him to meet here just because of his busy schedule. Supposedly, she had a meeting nearby, and after a hard day why not dinner? But Lopez has made clear to Rodriguez that they had exactly the date. After that, Rodriguez apologized and went to the bathroom — he had to think about the situation. And from there, sent Jennifer a text: “You are very beautiful and very sexy”.

In General, everything went well and both clearly enjoyed each other’s company. and then the unexpected happened. At the restaurant suddenly the fire alarm went off and all visitors politely, but firmly asked to leave the room urgently.

Since then, Jennifer and Alex have become one of the most prominent couples in the showbiz. Lopez, always believed in love, despite understanding the failure of three marriages, says that he and Rodriguez are very similar, like twins. Both divorced, both have two children, in his veins flows the same blood, born in new York, perfectionists, and zodiac sign one for two — Lev. And besides, both the athlete and pop star and filthy rich. The case for small — to announce the engagement, to get married and live happily ever after.