Anna Semenovich left the suitor who refused to marry her

Анна Семенович ушла от избранника, отказавшегося жениться на ней The singer revealed the details of the conflict with the boyfriend from Switzerland. Not so long ago because of Anna fight men, the Greek millionaire and a Swiss businessman. The former actress could not accept the fact that she left him.

Anna Semenovich attracts views not only of Russian men, but also foreigners. The singer had an affair with Greek millionaire by the name of Stephanas, however, the ex-boyfriend, a businessman from Switzerland could not bear to survive the breakup with the actress. He flew to Greece to visit his ex-lover, but seeing the object of passion in the hotel bar in the company of another, scandal.

Anna Semenovich has an affair with Greek millionaire

“Men came to blows, – said the “StarHit” the hotel Alex. – I colleagues had to break it up. Anna left the bar in the company of Mr. Stefanac, they spent a few more days. And the second gentleman left us the next morning.”

Sobyanin said, men who fought for its location and talked in a raised voice. The actress also explained to reporters why I left the Swiss.

“I’ve decided I’m not going to waste my time on a man who is not ready to do some more serious than just Dating. So I thought, why would I, being a free woman, to disagree on this wonderful journey. We swam on the boat, arrived with a friend at the hotel and was sitting in a restaurant having dinner with this young man from Greece. And accidentally my forgotten friend from Switzerland decided to fly me to Greece. I don’t know what he was thinking, but between men there was a conflict. There was no fistfight,” – said Anna.

According to the mayor, she’s a free woman who has the right to choose the man and to make advances from anyone they want to, not paying attention to rumors and gossip. The star is not worried about the fact that leaked information to the press about the Greek fan.

“And what happened this unplanned conflict, it’s not my fault. Of course, a relationship with a person from Switzerland I completely finish. He had enough time to decide, but it is not defined, so I consider myself quite a free woman. Actually, I’m his personal life did not parade,” said Anna.

Recently, the artist concealed a personal life. Sobyanin believes that excessive publicity has a negative impact on relationships. “A strong woman is such a diagnosis of our Russian women, horse at full tilt will stop, into a burning log hut will enter. Genetically inherent in us, we survived the war, raised post-war children themselves, and we have become so strong that we numb men,” said Anna in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Semenovich has told, that is always ready to compromise for the sake of the beloved man, to build with him a harmonious relationship.