As Gaft taught Neelova kissing

Как Гафт учил Неелову целоваться
Valentin Gaft admitted that the kissing scene with Marina Neelova was not easy for him.

Valentin Gaft


Valentin Gaft lived an interesting and rich acting life and still continues to play on stage and acting. But popularity came to him very late. Moreover, in his youth he was repeatedly advised to give up acting. Even Eldar Ryazanov movies in which Gaft played repeatedly, at first flatly refused to take the actor for the role in his film “Garage”. Here’s how he Valentin I. says about it:

“Really my career in cinema began with the film “Garage”. And before I got it or small or large, but uninteresting paintings. Ryazanov’s on the site I too was a coincidence. Chairman of the Board of garage cooperative Sidorin was to play Shura Shirvindt. But he then produced a play in the Theater of satire and did not come in time the “Mosfilm”. And shooting began with the scene where Sidorin makes a speech to shareholders. Began immediately to find a replacement Shirvindt. Then Liechka Akhedzhakova said Ryazanov: “Then in the next pavilion Valentina Gaft starred”. Elik and did not listen: “No, I’ll talk!” The fact that this was going to Ryazanov film “Cyrano de Bergerac”, and I was going to get the role of captain of the guards — another small role, but I’m talking about it so much came up, I had read, prepared… And blurted out Elika a biography of this character for an hour was told about him. Ryazanov was stunned and thought, “I had this artist will not communicate!” But pramenka Liechka insisted that I was called. The time is coming, the clock is ticking. And here put on my sweater, jacket, gave up text. Ryazanov looked-looked at me and approved.

This picture was shot, my current wife Olga Ostroumova, and she was beautiful, she is all fine. But then we never met, even a “Hello” to each other said. In between I tried to be silent, to Ryazanov change my mind. No one was talking. And rightly so, because for following paintings Elika “About the poor hussar say a word” the role of Colonel Pokrovsky Grisha Gorin wrote, already having in mind me and Ryazanov did not object.”

In addition to the well-known film roles, Gaft played a lot in the theater. But for a long time none were delayed — the effect of the extraordinary demands on himself and partners. The longest Valentin I. stayed in the “contemporary”. Perhaps thanks to the talented colleagues. “In “contemporary” all the artists — personality — says Gaft. — What are my partners! A partner, one better than the other: Lacca Akhedzhakova, Nina Doroshina, Lenochka Yakovleva, Marina Neyolova, Honey Ivanova… With neelovo we had a lot of performances. In “Three sisters” introduced her for the role of Masha, and I played Vershinin. We were there on the play it was necessary to kiss, and I for the filming of the kiss refused — not that shy, I just don’t like such scenes. But promised: “I love you, Marin, for the premiere of kiss and then show you how to kiss”. And Marina waited with dread for his premiere performance. Nothing survived, we’re artists.”Full interview with Valentin Gaft read here>>