Mila kunis revealed the secret of her marriage

Мила Кунис раскрыла секрет своего брака
The actress confessed that is the most important thing in a relationship with Ashton Kutcher.

Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher daughter Wyatt


34-year-old Mila kunis is convinced the secret to her successful marriage with 39-year-old husband Ashton Kutcher is “communication.” “Communication, our interaction and exchange of information” — so formulated Mila cornerstone of the relationship with Ashton. This is Mila’s first marriage, she married his old friend Kutcher, who starred together in the TV show very early on in my acting career in 2015. Kutcher was married to demi Moore from 2006 to 2013.

Mila and Ashton are the parents of two children. 3-year-old daughter Wyatt, and a son, Dimitri, whom Mila gave birth 11 months ago and is still breastfeeding. At the meeting with journalists on the occasion of the release of his new movie “Bad moms-2” actress admitted that her daughter thinks mom is a hairdresser. She only saw her in the trailers, where Mila was constantly cleaned up before shooting. And now that posters with the image of kunis and then flashed on the road, baby is in strong disbelief: why there stands her mother, but still in a cap of Santa Claus? Mila says she doesn’t know how to explain the girl’s their appearance on billboards, and even more so — how she really does for a living. The star of “Black Swan” do not think that in the near future to show at least one of his films to children, because all of the pictures, in which she starred, “why not baby”.

Ashton Kutcher a lot easier. It is a little in films, preferring to concentrate on production and business, investing the money in technology companies. Kutcher earns millions, slyvia one of the most talented businessmen a new generation. The last of the loud project with the actor was the film “Steve jobs: the Empire of Success”, he failed miserably at the box office and was subjected to impartial criticism.