Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband reunited

Дженнифер Лопес и ее бывший муж воссоединились
Marc Anthony made jealous of his young girlfriend.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony


Recently Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband mark
Anthony again gave rise to speak about the revival of their relationship. They are reunited
on the occasion of the celebration of the birth of their twin children max and Emma. But
visitors of the restaurant where the party took place, I noticed that mark and Jennifer
obviously flirted with each other.About it reported the Internet-the website

But when 6 years ago they decided
about divorce, their relationship was so
hostile that they could not easily communicate with each other, even for the kids!
However, since then much has changed. Both rethink their relationship. Lopez
had to go through a romance with Casper Smart, and Marc short-lived marriage to model
Shannon De Lima, his divorce which ended in February this year. So
formally, both the former spouse now
free and nothing prevents them to try to become happy together with the second

Incidentally, Lopez and Anthony one more time
the last few months give rise to gossip about their close relationship. In
the first time it happened, when the time of the concert, mark allowed
myself passionately to kiss Jennifer on the lips on stage. By the way, soon
after this episode, De Lima announced his desire to divorce Anthony.

And although after that Lopez gave reason
talking about her affair with rapper Drake, it, apparently, was just
just a publicity stunt. “We just recorded a song together. Yes, we spent a lot of
time together, but it doesn’t mean anything…” – recently said Lopez in response to a direct question about her relationship with
Drake. As for Anthony, he recently is having an affair with another model — Marianne Downing. However, their relationship are only in the initial
stage of development, so it is not yet associated with the girl no serious