Айза Анохина возмущена расспросами о заработке мужа A businesswoman said that her husband gave her salon in Moscow. ISA Anokhina tried to dispel rumors that it contains the father of her child. The star lashed out at his followers, wanting to prove to them that Dmitry Anokhin earns a good idea, however, did not specify, what exactly does the husband.

      The ex-wife of rapper Guf, designer ISAs Anokhina year and a half happy in his new marriage with surfer does Anaheim. Autumn businesswoman bore her husband a son of Elvis. And at the end of December, the family returned from Moscow to Bali, where renting the house. ISA spends a lot of time in the company of her husband and two sons, remotely controlling your business. In the capital Anokhina opened her own beauty salon, which requires the attention of the star hostess. ISA Anokhin with her husband and children, left Moscow

      Many followers ISA, watching the life of her family in Bali for microblog, the impression that the spouse star is shipped with the head only in one class – his beloved surfing. They often ask Anokhina questions concerning the material side of life, her family, suspecting that the young woman is responsible for the financial welfare of their children and husband. Businesswoman tired of accusations that sound in her husband and spoke very emotionally about it. ISA Anokhin has declared, that does not contain a spouse, a salon she opened in Moscow – his gift.

      “My husband is a surfer! Hairy in ragged shirts and t-shirts, because he lives free from all stereotypes in life! To prove he never, never will be! My husband works and he has the money. And it provides me, Sam, Elvis and parents! I nothing is denied and the salon he gave me! And my name recorded! And does not claim any of my earnings! I love and respect the strong, and only such can be with me,” said Svetlana Anokhina.

      Businesswoman added that he hates to talk about money and friends and husbands never chose on their status. The main thing for her according to ISA Anokhina, love, and personal qualities of people.