Дженнифер Гарнер устроила импровизированное кулинарное шоу

Mother of three children and ex-wife Ben Affleck has shared with the followers family traditions in a makeshift cooking show. The actress has shot a video in the style of ina Garten with step by step cooking Christmas gingerbread men honey white dough and put it on his Facebook page. Video, she jokingly called “Type cooking show.”

Дженнифер Гарнер устроила импровизированное кулинарное шоу

“I’m not a professional, but if you want to make your family happy again and again, then I have a recipe. If you possess them, you can make him whatever you want. Made it up In. Love you, Ina!” says garner before kissing a copy of the cookbook online stars. The dough recipe has become a tradition in the family of garner.

“That’s what I love about this test — you can do with it what you want. My mom made gingerbread man for my sisters and me when we were little. This was our very favorite cookies,” says the actress. “It’s time. The second bread with cinnamon, which everyone loves. And three — white bread with honey.”

“What I love about gingerbread men from the dough is that they are quick to prepare. Also, they remind me of my mother. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you’re doing. Baking may not be perfect, but my kids love it!” says garner about his gingerbread men.

Дженнифер Гарнер устроила импровизированное кулинарное шоу

The actress reveals himself as a diligent mother, who she prefers to cook for their children. Garner also prefer to grow your own food. It not only grows your food, but also walks it.

The actress does not hesitate to walk his chicken on a leash. Pet it was named after one of the heroines of the movie mean girls — Regina George. “If chicken’s not, then it should come up! My life is becoming more exciting. Meet one of our Chicks, Regina George. Regina loves long walks, beetles, and cabbage. And hates foods with a high content of carbohydrates,” signed photograph of garner.

According to garner, is not the only hen that inhabits the house of the actress. Maybe Jennifer decided to have a mini-farm to always have in the fridge, fresh eggs and walk with a leash decided to amuse bored followers on instagram.

It is worth noting that the actress is not afraid to look funny walking chicken, for example, or, appearing without makeup in the feed their subscribers. She managed to get a selfie camera and appeared before the fans completely without makeup. According to garner, she slept with the kids in the tent in the backyard because I read them a bedtime story. In the photo she looks quite “battered” because of what she needed a big Cup of coffee. After the divorce with her ex Ben Affleck, the actress decided to focus on the education of children: 11-year-old violet, five-year and eight-year-old Seraphina Samuel. While Affleck spends time with new girlfriend TV producer Lindsay Sukus, actress all my free time with children. For example, paparazzii often see Jennifer with the kids for lunch in the restaurant or on a walk. Jennifer not hiding from the cameras, but rather smiles happily looking at the camera.