Суд отклонил иск, в котором обвиняется в домогательствах Майкл Джексон

Despite the fact that the legend of pop music Michael Jackson died in 2009, there are people who want to sue his identity. Famous choreographer Wade Robson has accused Michael Jackson of harassment. The claim came in a California court, but after a while, the application was rejected. It was agreed that entities controlled by the Michael Jackson Estate, are not responsible for the alleged sexual abuse by the contractor.

Суд отклонил иск, в котором обвиняется в домогательствах Майкл Джексон

The claim was rejected for reasons of expiration of the four-year period established by law. “The plaintiff has not initiated a dispute on this action after his 26th year (under California law, a victim of ill-treatment of children may make a complaint to 26 years), — the judge told Mitchell, Beckloff. — Today, the plaintiff is 35 years old, he was 30 years old when he filed a lawsuit…the plaintiff filed his statement 4 years later, at the end of the Statute of limitations.”

The case was opened 4 years ago. Robson filed a lawsuit against the artist, claiming that he was sexually abused by Jackson for nearly a decade, and his company contributed to this behavior. In 2015, the suit was dismissed by the court under the will, but the defendants still have two companies — MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures.

“The company of Michael Jackson believes that the court made the correct decision to reject the claims of Wade Robson, — reads the statement of the lawyer of the company. – In my opinion, the allegations of Mr. Robson, made twenty years after they allegedly occurred, and years later, after Mr. Robson testified twice under oath — including in front of a jury is that Michael Jackson never did anything too bad to him, has always been a question of money, rather than finding the truth.”

Robson met Michael when he was just five years old. Then he participated in the competition, which was held under the auspices of the company MJJ Productions. A competition in which the boy won, took place in his native country, Robson Australia. According to the choreographer a couple of years his family received an invitation from the king of pop to visit his home “Neverland Ranch” in California, where they stayed overnight. The boy was left to sleep in the bed of Jackson, where he met with sexual violence.

Robson stated that they were subjected to violence by seven years, and stopped it only when the boy began to appear the first signs of puberty. According to the choreographer, Jackson stopped to see the interest.

Case Robson also appeared during a series of charges in Jackson child molestation in 2005.