Дочери Джимми Киммела подарили подарок, за который отец собирается отомстить

Host of the TV show “the Voice” Carson Daly together with his wife Siri came up with a gift for 3-year-old daughter, Jimmy Kimmel, Jane, who brought her father out. The couple gave their daughter a Playhouse in the form of truck for the sale of hamburgers. After Jimmy opened the gift, it turned out, it is necessary to collect. Of course, it took a skilled father and now he is ready to take revenge.

Дочери Джимми Киммела подарили подарок, за который отец собирается отомстить

“Dear Carson and Siri Daly, thank you for such a hideous gift,” Kimmel writes angry under the photo in instagram. The photo was a picture of himself Jimmy, who is struggling to put together the many parts toy truck for sale hamburgers. “The Assembly took only four hours, but Jane liked the truck. I’ll get you for this.”

Despite the difficult Assembly of the truck is it’s really a great and expensive gift for a child. On Amazon you can buy a toy for $ 50. On one side, don’t worry about the truck for sale of hamburgers, grilled and cold drinks, and on the other side of the ice-cream van. The truck has a window, and even the steering wheel.

Family daily and Kemelov have been friends for many years. When Jimmy and Carson were teenagers, they even had practice on the same radio station. The Carson family includes daughters London rose, 3 years and two years older than Etta Jones, and eight-year-old son Jackson James. Kimmel will have to work hard to come up with a gift for all children.

While Jane will enjoy designed by Pope truck, little Billy happy moments with your beloved dad. The boy is too young to play with such things, moreover, he must keep a very watchful eye. The boy recently suffered a second heart surgery.

“I wasn’t on last week because this guy (Billy) survived heart surgery. But look, he feels good, he could pee in the pants, but that’s fine,” says Kimmel holding the hands of Billy trying to hold back the tears. “Dad crying on TV, but Billy is calm…this is unbelievable.”

“Billy feels great, by the way. He had surgery a week ago. The doctors assured me that Billy is quite ready to receive the bronze medal at the Olympics in 2036.” joked Kimmel.

Recall that the three son, William Billy John, Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly makinerni three days after birth was put on the operating table, where was the open-heart surgery. The baby only needed two surgeries to fully recover.

21 April was born the son of Jimmy Kimmel and screenwriter Molly makinerni that not having more to learn about the world, was on the operating table. The child was born with a rare heart defect that required immediate open heart surgery, which was conducted by doctors from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. In just 10 days, the host decided to share with its viewers feelings and emotions that he experienced during this terrible ordeal. After 3 months, Kimmel informed all about his son.