Дженнифер Гарнер рассталась с Беном Аффлеком из-за внимания прессы

Jennifer garner after her breakup with Ben Affleck has already started Dating, and my ex-husband is found only for holidays with children. It is not often confessed to the account of his personal life, but this time decided to shed some light on the cause of the breakup with Affleck. Who would have thought that one of the most significant marriages disintegrate due to the media spotlight, although we all know that actors are always surrounded by paparazzi.

“Looking back, I still experience stress because of this. Even now, in saying this, I feel that I can cry. Everyone said that I just have to go through this test and then will not be so difficult. But the hardest part for me was just to get through it,” commented the actress.

“I think this situation has taught me that close attention to his personal life is putting pressure on important decisions. You are in a hurry to get married because you are under pressure of constant press speculation “are They together or not?”. This principle works in the opposite direction: even if you have no problems, the press will invent them for you,” said garner.

It seems that close attention on the part of the reporters also strange and new to the beloved actor. Ben Affleck’s public persona. Paparazzi trying to get a fresh and spicy scenes of the actor with what he is already accustomed to. Now, his girlfriend Lindsay Sukus, with which it has declassified a year ago, believes this turn in her life strange, after all, used to live behind the cameras.

Lindsay is the producer of the TV show Saturday Night Live and not yet accustomed to the changes in her life. “My whole career behind the camera, and I was very comfortable. I’m a producer, mother, friend, and now I believe a public person, which is very strange and funny for me,” said the companion of the actor.

Recall that Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck continue to get together for the holidays and spend time with the children. At Easter, Jennifer, along with son Sam and daughters violet and Serafini flew to Hawaii to visit Ben on set. The paparazzi shared a series of photos depicting all members of the family, walking in the Park Sealife Park in Honolulu. At that time, the children frolicked in nature, studying animals under the supervision of the guide, Ben and Jennifer sweet deal. Immediately after Jennifer left the kids with dad and went to the hotel, where he lived alone.