Приянка Чопра продолжает говорить о Меган Маркл

An example of a strong friendship were Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle. Their relationship began even before the whole story with Prince Harry. The actress was invited to the Royal wedding and very happy that her friend was the Duchess of Sussex. In a recent interview Priyanka said about her close friend coping with Royal duties.

Приянка Чопра продолжает говорить о Меган Маркл

“She’s doing amazing! It’s so nice to see you!” said Chopra.

Friendship stars only lasts a couple of years, but it feels that Priyanka knows about Megan everything! The actress spoke about how they met after dinner, organized by the magazine Elle. “We have brought the acting profession. We became friends, which often happens between the girls,” — said Priyanka.

After the adoption of the responsibilities of Royal life schedule Megan was very tight and time at friendly gatherings she is almost gone. She Chopra free time from filming and visits the show spends on a walk with boyfriend, Nick Jonas. Despite this, Chopra believes that to maintain a close friendship the distance is not so hard. “Friendship depends on the individual characteristics and personal relationships… When you have true friendship like ours, you don’t care how you judge other people and how the world is changing, because you remain friends… I always thought Megan very stylish girl. In the choice of clothes look up to her. So it was up to her wedding. She always looked gorgeous,” — said a friend of Meghan Markle.

Recall that Markle continued to maintain contact with their old friends and the phone part was not going before the wedding. She is sure that the future wife of Prince Harry has not changed and continues to care for the world.

“I think she has a phone. I know her for three years, and it is called, girl-girl. She still continues to write me messages,” he told an Indian actress, model, singer and winner of Miss World 2000.

“I am very happy for her. Megan is one of those women who can be an example for many girls, because she really cares about the world,” added the actress.

Earlier, the actress spoke about the future wedding of his girlfriend. “Megan will be happy if you get her book. She’s not one of those girls who are dreaming of a new bag. It is absolutely not pretentious, so choose a wedding gift for her should not be difficult,” says gift idea Chopra.

The actress believes that her friend will be a great wife of a Prince and will join the Royal family. “They with the Prince so happy and so in love with each other. I am very happy for her. I’m sure Megan will be a real icon for young women everywhere,” says friend Megan Markle.