Вера Брежнева встала на защиту Аллы Пугачевой, которую назвали старой
The singer expressed his admiration for the diva.

Bravo,love Alla!!!??? @alla_orfey Love!? Wise, brave, amazing!!! Gorgeous interview!!! And for everyone worrying, I want to add that we all get old )) all of you ????each of us will age. Just someone earlier, someone later. If you haven’t seen the full interview can be viewed by clicking on the link in stories ? enjoy! #allopecia #allamerican #regmanserv #Pugacheva #Menshikov

A post shared by Vera Brezhneva (@ververa) on Jul 17, 2018 at 4:48am PDT

Vera Brezhnev came to the defense of Alla Pugacheva,
which is always considered a great singer and a great example. The actress looked
the video version of an interview with diva, which she gave to Oleg Menshikov. During
conversation Alla commented on how she feels to constantly hear
comments about what is the background of the young husband and children she is old.

“They say to me: “Here it is old”. Yeah, I’m getting old, I
old and there is nothing we can do about it. And to say that I have a soul
young, I, too, will not, — confessed in an interview with Joe. — Fall asleep
thinking of how to Wake up. Get up in the morning and say to myself, “I Must sit,
below the head is not spinning, and it will rise and fall”. Yesterday in the far East
was. Don’t remember when wine drinking. And give, I think, I drink. But then a pill”.

Brezhnev, watch this
interview on the YouTube channel, did not remain indifferent and left their
emotional review.

“Bravo, my love Alla
B.! Love it! Wise, brave, amazing!.. And for all worried
I want to add that we are all getting older. All of you, each of us,
will age. Just someone earlier, someone later,” wrote Faith.

Fans of the singer supported her in her desire
to protect Dolly parton: “Pugacheva done! There is something to respect! Alla
well said and with humor”, “Yes, Diva, as always
at the height of. Clever! And let spiteful critics are jealous! Not everyone
so much at this age! This woman is younger than many young
on our stage. Charisma is endless and it never gets old
it, Alla Borisovna”.

Vera Brezhneva

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