Дженнифер Энистон отказалась забирать урну с прахом матери

Jennifer aniston didn’t like to talk about his relationship with the mother. Very rarely, the actress was decided on revelation, and then it became clear that stands in the way of normal communication mothers and daughters.

Jen told me that during her growing up was extremely difficult, and contributed to a mom who constantly criticized daughter that she looks nesootvetstviya was full and clumsy.

As time went on, Jennifer from ugly duckling grew into a beautiful Swan, a woman who even in her 47 years admired by millions.

It seemed that childhood hurts can be forgiven and let go, but not the case with aniston. Added fuel to the fire book, revelation, which released Nancy Dow (mother), telling all the details of the personal life of his famous daughter. Then Jen stopped communicating with would-be relative, and even death are unable to reconcile them.

Nancy did not this year, but this event touched the heart of aniston.

Their attitude to the mom Jen showed even in the way she did with her remains. The fact that the actress refused to pick up the urn with the ashes of his mother that it was an utter shock to all the relatives.

According to the insider, his refusal aniston explained that she looks like pathology to keep in the house are the remains of a deceased relative. “But no one believed her,” concluded the informant.

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