Джаред Лето стал частью сиквела «Бегущего по лезвию»

Jared Leto recently announced that his band Thirty Seconds to Mars prepares to record a new album. As you know, this work takes a lot of strength and energy, but it looks like for Summer it is not so tedious. The role of the Joker in “suicide Squad” thought that in his chart there is still enough free “Windows” because you can take them.

Western media report that Jared has agreed to be part of the sequel to “blade Runner” who will shoot Denis Villeneuve.

Who, exactly, will play the Summer, is not specified. Note that the addition of Oscar winner Jared in the movie, we see Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, Dave Batista and Harrison Ford, who will return to his role of Rick Deckard in the original film in 1982.

The idea of the new film are HAMPTON Fancher and Ridley Scott – the creators of the original “blade Runner”.

Start date on the sequel of the Thriller-dystopian not reported.

Recall “blade Runner” — a movie filmed by English Director Ridley Scott is based on a science fiction novel by Philip K. dick “do androids Dream elektroauto?” (1968).

The plot is a retired detective Rick Deckard restored again in the police Los Angeles search led by Roy Batty group of cyborgs who escape from the space colony to Earth.

The police believe that cyborgs are trying to meet Andolan Tyrell, the head of the Corporation that puts experiments on cybernetic intelligence. Rick Deckard is given the task to figure out the motives of the cyborg, and then destroy them.

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