Агния Дитковские закрутила роман с влиятельным украинским бизнесменом

The complicated relationships of Agnes Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadova ended in divorce and the allegation by the husband of his wife of infidelity. As if the actress did not deny this suspicion, her ex-husband remained unconvinced. Now both are trying to rebuild their lives without participation of each other. And it is now very difficult, because the a couple of connected feelings for almost 10 years. Besides, marriage was born a common child in which both parents loved.

Chadov is now trying not to “Shine” in the media, but the name of Agnes recently surfaced in the media. The reason for this was the reports that she found her new boyfriend.

According to rumors, they became an influential Ukrainian businessman. The man’s name has not been disclosed, but we know that Ditkovskite and her son Fyodor, he surrounded us with care and even gave her a luxurious mansion with an area of 300 square meters, which is located on the ruble.

According to a close friend of the actress, Agnes met a man in Kiev at a time when she was tied up relationship with Alexei Chadov. And when the marriage went wrong, she accepted the courtship of a wealthy patron.

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