Jennifer aniston lost her mother

Дженнифер Энистон потеряла мать

On 79 year of life died , Nancy Dow, the mother of Hollywood actress Jennifer aniston. It happened yesterday, 25 may, but the relatives of the actress and model was only reported a few hours ago.

“With great sadness I and my brother John melick that we announce the death of our mother. She was 79. She peacefully went to heaven surrounded by family and friends after a long illness. We ask you not to disturb us these days and let us mourn our loss” — stated in the message Jennifer.
Recall that in recent years, Jennifer and Nancy spoke. Aniston has repeatedly said in interviews that her mother has literally destroyed her identity for his criticism, and once in 1999 he published a book of mamerow DOE “From mother and daughter to friends: a Memoir” in which Jen did not look very good, the star of the show “Friends” stopped communicating with my mother. Even when Nancy had her first heart attack, aniston was not with her during the rehabilitation period, restricting dry several phone calls.

Nancy was married to Jack Malik from 1956 to 1961 and the father of Jennifer Anniston John from 1965 to 1980. It is unknown whether managed to reconcile mother and daughter until the death of Nancy or she died with a heavy soul.
Recall that DOE was taken to the hospital a few days ago. It was already late at night, and ambulance sirens woke neighbors Nancy. They also said that their famous neighbor was probably dying. Mrs. DOE lived alone and with anybody did not communicate much, and therefore was not anyone who took her to the hospital. Neighbor Nancy told me that the famous daughter visited the mother and for the last twenty years have seen her in these parts twice.

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