У Дженнифер Энистон умерла мама

79-year-old Nancy Dow died on the morning of may 25.

Jennifer came to visit sick mother very recently, on may 12, for the first time in the last 5 years. As explained by the press one of the assistants of the actress, “Jen wanted to meet with the mother before she leaves us” – the last time Nancy was very ill, lost the ability to speak and move on their own.

It is no secret that between a star of the TV series “Friends” and her mom’s relationship were difficult. And all because of Nancy, according to Jennifer, talked too much in conversations with the press about his personal life to his daughter and even a scandalous book about his daughter wrote – all this led to the fact that Jennifer hasn’t talked to my mother for 15 years. They could bury the hatchet in 2011, when the actress married Justin Theroux – actor, honoring the family tradition, asked Jennifer to invite mom to the wedding. However, the actress was scared that the mother will again begin to gossip about the personal lives of his daughter and the invitation at the last moment cancelled.

In an official statement the actress said to the press: “With deep grief I and my brother John to report the death of our mother. She was 79 years old, she died, surrounded by caring relatives and friends, after a long illness”.

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