Western media: Jamie bell will play James bond

Западные СМИ: Джейми Белл сыграет Джеймса Бонда

Candidates for the role of James bond more and more every day. Edition The Telegraph reports that in the cult franchise can play Jamie bell.

After the categorical refusal of Daniel Craig to star in the sequel of James bond (he said “better break your arm” and will not be removed even for a hundred million dollars”), the Studio is actively seeking someone to replace an actor. According to sources, the producers have already met with thirty-year-old actor and was satisfied, so it is likely that he will be the new James bond.
Insiders claim that the decisive opinion would be the opinion of Barbara Broccoli, who for many years engaged in this franchise. She is supposedly crazy about acting talent British actor and believes that he is perfect for this role.
“Barbara is watching Jamie for a long time. She even wanted to offer him one of the roles in the previous parts of the franchise,” — said the insider.
Recall that in addition to Jamie for the role claim Idris Elba, Tom hardy, Tom Hiddleston and others.

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