Дженнифер Энистон повеселилась на дне рождения жены Джимми Киммела

Star of the TV series “Friends” Jennifer aniston has decided to reduce to a minimum their outputs in the light, still upset over the breakup with Justin Theroux. Judicial the hardships and grueling trial affect the health of the 49-year-old actress. However, have fun with friends she doesn’t mind, after all, good friendly company helps to unwind and get away from the negative.

Дженнифер Энистон повеселилась на дне рождения жены Джимми Киммела

On its 40th anniversary, the actress was invited by her friend Molly macnine — writer and wife of Jimmy Kimmel. With the couple of Jennifer’s friends is not the first year, as well as her ex-husband Justin Theroux. His birthday was not invited for obvious reasons.

Was on holiday and other stars: ex-wife of Toby Maguire, Jennifer Meyer, Jason Bateman, Kristen bell and husband DAX Shepard and other famous friends of the birthday girl.

All the sadness and bad mood Jennifer left behind and had a wonderful time with friends. As noted by the eyewitnesses, the actress was in good spirits.

We will remind, two years after the wedding, the 49-year-old Jennifer aniston and 46-year-old Justin Theroux announced the divorce. “In order to avoid any further speculation, we have decided to announce the divorce. It’s a decision that we took at the end of last year, was mutual. We are two best friends who break up as a couple but remain friends,” — said in an official statement, aniston and Theroux.

“Of course, we would like to do it in private, but given the fact that around will still speculate and start rumors, we decided to tell about it. All that is said and written about us without our knowledge, is not true. First of all, we want to keep the respect and love that is felt about each other,” — they concluded.

About the reasons of divorce is not known. Before you end the relationship, the couple experienced some difficulties. Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux recently couldn’t find peace even in your own apartment in new York. In addition to the annoying paparazzi trying to take a couple and get the cool stuff they are suing Norman, Resnicow, who is accused of espionage. Because of this, the actress refuses to stay in his apartment, which does not understand her husband. Such circumstances affect the couple, not the best.

It is reported that the couple had filed a lawsuit against Norman Resnicow for espionage. Theroux, who is suing roommate from last year transferred to his lawyers evidence that Resnicow spying on him and taking pictures through the glass. “Jennifer hates it when her snooping. This is a big stumbling block for her and Justin,” said the insider.

Дженнифер Энистон повеселилась на дне рождения жены Джимми Киммела