Эммануил Виторган и его супруга оставили новорожденную дочь ради работы The actor took part in the play “the King of clubs – the card of love.” As stated by Emmanuel Vitorgan, they devoted a performance of little Ethel. On the birth of a child became known in early March.
Эммануил Виторган и его супруга оставили новорожденную дочь ради работы

Last weekend on the stage of Central house of artists held a performance of “the King of clubs – the card of love.” The presentation was attended Emmanuel Vitorgan, Angelica Agurbash and Lyudmila Maksakova (remote screen). The main character George is a successful bureaucrat, a former diplomat. He meets a young and ambitious girl, Agnes. They many years they lived in a civil marriage, but the day before the wedding, the bride suddenly disappears. Ten years later she reappears in George’s life with an offer to publish his memoirs.

“Hurrah! Sold out! Today this show we dedicate to our daughter Ethel! Our favorite musical movie-the play “the King of clubs – the card of love,” wrote Vitorgan in the microblog.

As told by the artist, he and his wife are not going to retire. Raising a child helps them nurse. As previously told Irina, they resorted to the IVF procedure, but the child she was able to make myself. Mladic admits that after media reports about the new addition to their family, everything began to write congratulations to their address. “Does not make it a secret, everyone knows, I call a hundred times a day, and we try every second to spend with my daughter,” – said Irina friends.

Himself Emmanuel gedeonovich was very glad because of the birth of a child. As recognized friends of the couple, he cried after learning of the birth of a daughter born. Irina they have been married for many years. It was supported by Vitorgan after the death of his wife Alla Batler. So far, the actor with tears in their eyes recalled the last days of his first wife.

“We never imagined that this could be, Alla has always been a strong person, told Emmanuel gedeonovich during transmission of NTV “the Secret to a million.” Positive forecasts were given by the doctors. Care of Alla and they had a huge blow… for Three years we fought, and every year it seemed that everything is fine, everything is fine. Alla returned to the stage, we played, went to rest. And then again, boom, relapse. I’m coming to her house, sometimes went to the toilet and there beating my head against the wall. Now you see before you a man who has had the opportunity to live a certain number of years with a terrific sense of love…” – said the actor in a show.