Колин Ферт посочувствовал любовнику жены

Discussing the continuation of the history of the novel wife Colin Firth Libya Goodgolly with Marco Brancaccio. After the actor’s wife confessed to cheating and accused ex-lover in pursuit, the network got an emotional email. He was sent to the journalist Firth, who even sympathized with the opponents.

Колин Ферт посочувствовал любовнику жены

“You made me suffer. But I know you do, too,” writes the actor in the letter, which was sent Marco Brancaccio two years ago.

The letter was a response to a photo that Marco sent to Colin after breaking up with Goodgolly in 2016. Thus he wanted to convey to the actor what happened. “I was very angry and upset and sent him a letter, which was our Libya picture together. I wanted to know what had happened. And in response I received a letter, in which he saw compassion and understanding,” — said Marco, Brancacci.

Despite the sympathy that the actor expressed in relation to the journalist, the couple went to the police and accused the 55-year-old journalist in pursuit.

Recall that when a couple is in crisis and decided to go to deal with problems in his personal life, Libya entered into a brief relationship with a journalist. When the wife of Firth broke all ties with him, the man did not give up and continued to chase her. As representatives of the pairs, there is evidence that supports the story.

“A few years ago Colin and Livia decided to leave. At the time, Libya had a connection with her longtime friend, Mr. Brancaccio. But the couple reunited. But Mr. Brancaccio for several months pursued Libya, there is evidence. For obvious reasons the couple did not want to betray that story,” quotes The Times ‘ family members Firth.

The couple did not vremenima, and appealed to law enforcement agencies, accusing a journalist working for the Italian news Agency ANSA, in pursuit. However, Marco Brancaccio very different opinions about what is happening and argues that Libya wanted to stay with him.

“She wanted to leave Colin for me. My “harassment” consisted in two WhatsApp messages and email. I wrote to her when she broke off the relationship in June 2016. I wrote Colin a letter about our Libya relations now regret, and she filed a complaint against me because he is afraid that I can publicize her stories about marriage and work. For the year of our relationship she sent me hundreds of messages about his feelings, photos, videos and even diary,” says the journalist.