Дженнифер Энистон назвала истинную причину регистрации в Instagram

Дженнифер Энистон назвала истинную причину регистрации в Instagram

Popular American actress Jennifer aniston is already a month pleases its fans official page in Instagram. Thanks to this event the celebrity was in the Guinness book of records, as it managed to collect less than a day 1 million subscribers. In a recent interview Jennifer said that he had taken this step to promote a personal project “Morning show”.

The first post of the actress became a selfie with all the actors of the series “Friends”. Fans have so quickly signed up and put likes under the photo that in 5 hours and 16 minutes, fans were already more than a million, and the page of the actress has locked. She immediately got into the Guinness book of world records, at the moment no one person on the planet could not repeat such.

The celebrity admitted that using a popular social network, she decided to advertise his new project. Along with famous actress Reese Witherspoon they took the series, which is called “the Morning show”. The first series was released on American television the 1st of November.

According to preliminary data, the series was not supposed to gain more popularity, so Jennifer made the move trump card. And it really helped, she got even more than planned. Aniston is very worried about the success of the series, as she and Reese Witherspoon do not just act as Actresses, but are the main producers of the show.

The actress also became interested in what they write about it online. What aspects of her life evoke a strong reaction from the fans, and what is not interesting. She wants to independently control the flow of information to the press did not go beyond what is permitted. Now Jennifer can always the first person to share important information with the public or deny the rumors about her person.

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