Эмилия Кларк подарила Джейсону Момоа на День рождения настоящую ванну

Эмилия Кларк подарила Джейсону Момоа на День рождения настоящую ванну

Star of the television series “Game of thrones” Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa maintain friendly relations, despite the fact that their joint shooting ended a long time ago. And their friendship is not the most conventional, they often make each other surprises and unexpected gifts. It can be seen from their official page in Instagram.

Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke played in the TV series pair. The actors first met on the set of the first season of this cult series. Unfortunately, the actor in the end of the season dies, and then leaves the series forever. However, the friendship that arose between the actors, failed to break. Emilia though was loaded with permanent set, but Jason never forgot. Their relationship proves that time-tested friendship really exists. Someone may think that the couple began a romantic relationship, but no, this has been said more than once. Momoa is very often happy surprises his girlfriend, accidentally find themselves in places where she’s resting. Emilia, in turn, surprises the other, the most unusual gifts. Their friendship is strong moral support, it’s so necessary when you’re a successful actor in Hollywood.

The other day Jason Momoa celebrated his 40th birthday, which invited Emilia. It is, as always, tried to be different and gave the birthday boy a real bath. The ceremony was attended by only family and close friends. After dinner in a close circle, all the guests headed to the gift and began to be photographed in funny poses, Clark was no exception.

In addition to photos in the tub, the actors showed their fans a number of joint photos, from which emanates the warm feelings to each other. One of the photos Emilia signed: “with you I feel even tinier than you really are”.

After filming in “Game of thrones” fame and popularity of these actors is at its peak. Very soon we will be able to see in cinemas exciting new year’s Comedy “last Christmas”, where Emily plays a major role. According to the critics, the picture will get a great success. Jason also bathed in the rays of fame after starring in the movie “Aquaman”.

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