Дженнифер Энистон о своей странице в Instagram и поцелуях с женщинами

Дженнифер Энистон о своей странице в Instagram и поцелуях с женщинами

Known 50-year-old Hollywood actress Jennifer aniston was recently a guest in the Ellen DeGeneres. In the interview Jennifer spoke about working on a new project “Morning show”, as well as other details of his personal life.

I recall that Ellen DeGeneres is a lesbian, and she does not hide, as is married to actress Portia de Rossi. In conversation, aniston remembered the time one of the shows where Ellen publicly kissed on the lips with Howard stern, who is leading on a famous radio USA. Jennifer just fell asleep leading questions, whether it is nice or interesting or she just felt nothing? What Ellen said in comic form that from time to time practicing a kiss on the lips with the opposite sex, and once asked a provocative question of the actress: kissed if aniston with women and for how long?

Celebrity long thought, however, to remember your last kiss with the fair sex, and could not. Ellen did not panic, she immediately moved up to Jennifer and hinted that it was ready to rectify this situation. Initially, the star of the show “Friends” was confused and did not know how to behave, but after a moment, they came together in a passionate kiss right in the live shows. “That’s what the audience wanted to see, they waited not one year!” — exclaimed Degrees, and she said that Jen can boast of surprisingly soft lips.

In this interesting interview, the actress also unable to contain his emotions about registering in the popular social network Instagram. At some point, she decided, why she did not become a member of this world party, it’s not so scary. Moreover, Jennifer, with the help of the Instagram was included in the Guinness book of records. Her official profile in an hour have collected more than 1 million subscribers, this was not possible for anyone else to do.

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