Jasmine health risks for weight loss

Жасмин рискует здоровьем ради похудения Woman surprised fans with an unexpected video. In the caption to the video, she said that was an unusual procedure. Jasmine had to spend a few minutes in a special cabin, which was cooled to a critical temperature. I wonder what the artist was pleased with the result.

      Jasmine is trying to devote much time to their health. She visits gym to keep fit and eats right. Not long ago, the celebrity published a picture from the gym, telling what wants to put himself in order, because soon will start the beach season. Subscribers were pleasantly surprised that their favorite is so serious in the fight for a toned body. However, training is not the only thing that makes the star look good. This time the woman underwent a cryotherapy session, during which she had to spend in the cold for a few minutes.

      Jasmine is actively losing weight for the summer

      The actress admitted that it was solved in a similar procedure. It turned out that this method of treatment and recovery common among athletes, so ordinary people is quite unusual in such tough conditions. But, judging by the comments of the singer, she was impressed and was very pleased.

      “In the beginning give a little warm air and then abruptly raise the temperature to minus 196! Was there three minutes, did not seem so much, but they lasted a very long time. They say that this procedure is periodically tested players, “real Madrid”. The metabolic rate improves by 200%, increased skin elasticity, blood circulation, immunity. In General, a useful therapy, but at home it is better not to repeat, not to become a big icicle,” wrote Jasmine.

      The woman also added that the result of the completed procedure she felt almost immediately. Obviously, the singer was pleased that such an unusual experiment had a positive effect. Below the star was easier to move the sub-zero temperatures, all three minutes she was running and did not allow himself to relax. Specialist near the celebrity, with interest watched what was happening. “After this procedure I was flying, felt fine. And therapist with me excited, said I was the first such get caught,” said the singer.

      I wonder what Jasmine likes to share with followers photos and videos taken during various procedures. Recently, the star was vacationing in Spain, where he also visited several health centers. The woman took a course in the hydropower detox recovery. Thanks to underwater massage, according to the celebrity, she was able to fully restore power. The actress also explained that such sessions help to get rid of extra pounds.