Эдуард Радзюкевич отреагировал на сообщения о серьезной болезни The artist explained, due to the change in his appearance. After watching a star “6 shots” at social events, the fans sounded the alarm: and if he had any big health problems. “StarHit” contacted Radzyukevich and found out the reason why he gained so much weight.

      Эдуард Радзюкевич отреагировал на сообщения о серьезной болезни

      Not long ago, the appearance of Edward Radzyukevich has caused a lot of issues. Fans concerned about the appearance of the stars of sketch show “6 frames”. The actor has become difficult to find – he is very much recovered, and no clothes can not hide it. Fans of celebrity scared that the weight gain caused by health problems and life of their pet in danger. “StarHit” contacted the 51-year-old Edward to see if he’s okay. According to the artist, he himself realizes how much has changed externally, but to change nothing is going. And the rumors of a serious illness, Louise was quick to refute.

      “Do not worry, – said the actor. – I gained weight because I quit Smoking. A 31 is not removed the nipple from his mouth, but at some point happened to me, not afraid of the word, a miracle. Suddenly realized that for five days I do not smoke. Honestly, I don’t know how it happened! And gave up… And, believe it or not, does not pull. The only thing gained 30 kg, but it does not bother me. To lose weight do not plan”.

      By the way, the rumors about the dire state of the artist appear quite often. For example, after hospitalization Adauga there were press reports that he suffered a stroke. As it turned out later, in the hospital, the man fell from exhaustion, caused by their tight work schedule and lack of healthy sleep. Then Louise assured reporters that his life is not in danger, and he is ready to resume filming.

      “The doctors said that I had just exhaustion. And it’s true, I also released the film, were sound and editing in parallel in very short time. Plus shooting the “6 shots” and rehearsing in the play. I slept a little”, – said the artist.