Ex-husband of Tilda Swinton admitted that he had been born as a result of incest

Бывший муж Тильды Суинтон признался, что был рожден в результате инцеста

Incest among members of the same family is often the cause of the birth of children with various pathologies. Such unions are unnatural, but the exceptions, unfortunately, sometimes happen.

About a similar case in my family recently told the ex-husband of actress Tilda Swinton 77-year-old artist John Byrne.

The Time Byrne has admitted that he was born through a connection of his mother with her own father, i.e. the grandfather of John, Patricof Makkejnom.

The relationship between father and daughter lasted for many years and was not even a mystery to their family members. Himself Byrne the secret of his birth learned after the death of his mother. Then a cousin of the artist spoke about the intricacies of the relationship of his mother and grandfather, providing conclusive evidence. Of course, this situation is shocking, but years later after Byrne learned this secret, he looked at the incident from a different angle: “the Mother always went to my grandfather in Cardonald. I thought she wanted him on his knees begged her forgiveness. But no: she just loved him passionately, madly and unconditionally. Thanks to their connections I was born with amazing genes.”

The artist himself is sure that his family situation is not strange or surprising, because this happens often and everywhere: “I believe that happens everywhere in civilized countries, not civilized. It’s kind of a tradition, about which nobody speaks.”

By the way, it is worth noting that incest led to emotional distress of the mother of John. The woman died in the hospital in 1980. How is the relationship between father and daughter remained a mystery.