Japanese Princess officially abdicated the title for love

Японская принцесса официально отреклась от титула из-за любви
Princess Mako will become the wife of a simple clerk.

Princess Mako with her beloved — kei Komura


As it became known today, Princess Mako,
granddaughter of the reigning Emperor of Japan – Akihito — made official
statement. She waived the right
to be considered a Princess in order to be able to marry
his lover, a man not of Royal blood. 25-year-old Mako is going
combined legal marriage with his chosen one — his coeval kei Komura,
which is just a clerk in a law office.

Roman kei and Mako began 5 years ago, and
they met at a time when both studied at a University Christian University.
As we now know, they secretly became engaged in 2013, but their
the engagement was strictly classified. According to available information, Mako has officially
introduced the groom to his father Prince Akishino, second in line to the Japanese
throne. As commented by Princess, kei — the man with whom she
want to share my life with.

Interestingly, Mako became the eighth member of
Royal family since the end of World War II who refused lost their title in their
will — for the sake of marriage “is simple
mortals”. The last Princess from the title refused her aunt Sayako,
the daughter is now the reigning Emperor. Incidentally, in the foreseeable
future 83-year-old Emperor, in agreement with the Parliament, intends to abdicate. And
replace him on the throne will reign uncle Mako, the brother of her father, the Prince of Naruhito. This is the first case of renunciation, the Japanese monarch over the past two hundred years.