Anna Khilkevich is looking for a physician in Crete

Анна Хилькевич ищет врача на Крите
After visiting the water Park the actress need medical help.

Photo: Instagram

On the third of September, when the whole country was singing the song Mikhail Shufutinsky, Anna Khilkevich, together with his family left on vacation. To extend the summer, the star chose the Sunny island of Crete, where now there is the perfect weather: not too hot, but not cool.

The flight, though business class was not very good. Little Arianna had been naughty and cried, and neither dad nor mom could not do anything about it. They only hoped that all the other passengers reacted to such behavior of the child sympathetically.

On the first day of the holiday star family went to a water Park. Arthur and Anna boldly took a little girl on a fairly high hill. And the delight of Arianna.

Fans of the actress is glad that she and her loved ones is so much fun. But suddenly, Lee began to ask his subscribers for the doctor’s contacts in Crete, preferably Russian. The public immediately became worried a few people with phones, he wrote, according to a personal message.

“What happened?” — this is the main question that has interested people.

Khilkevich parts decided not to tell, only said that her family is all right, just needed to consult a doctor.