Egor Krid told me about his love

Егор Крид рассказал про свою влюбленность
The singer has a tender feel… to the city!

Photo: Instagram

Personal life Yegor creed care a million girls, but after the scandalous parting with Jane, he ceased to comment on the novels, which he attributes to the public. It was rumored that last year he had a romantic relationship with model Victoria Madame Odintsov. It was also reported that he had an affair with a friend of the most Kim Kardashian! But Yegor was silent, and only laugh at the vain attempts to figure out his heart’s affection.

But creed easily tells everything else that it going on in the soul. Now the singer is in a long-awaited vacation and travel around Europe. Was first in Amsterdam, then toured the provinces of France, and finally reached Paris. Apparently, the rapper shares the well-known expression “to See Paris and die”, as it was filled to the very centre of tender feelings.

“Paris. The city is stylish and charismatic people, — says Yegor. — No wonder it is called the “center of art and creativity.” Around every corner, museums, art galleries and anywhere music is playing. Every morning I go out on the balcony with a Cup of espresso and love it. What make you to sense it is not enough for a couple of days. Had to stay!”

However, it soon became clear why Elisha was so pleased with Paris. It turns out that he had been there once — in the belly of your mother.

“When mom was pregnant with me, she made a trip to Paris — shared creed. — Maybe that’s why I feel that I’ve been here before?”