Diana Shurygina brought clean water

Диану Шурыгину вывели на чистую воду

The fate of a girl who became famous thanks to the airwaves on “Let them talk”, where she spoke about her rape, I want to know many, and most of all — to bring Shurygin to clean water. Diana appeared in the program “really” with a leading Dmitry Shepelev, where he tried to bring the girl to clean water with the help of a lie detector. Shurygina met with the parents of the rapist Sergei Semenov, who now serves time for what he did, and Alexander Rohlin.

Диану Шурыгину вывели на чистую воду

Since the first broadcasts of a controversial episode about rape, Shurygina under the age of 18. Especially the young lady has already found her groom, which will soon play a wedding. But her story is still discussed in social networks and television. The program “really” invited her to participate in the issue and to take a polygraph. In the previous issue in the Studio was the sister of the prisoner, Catherine, and this time came the mother of Olga.

Asking questions Shurygino, experts found out that on that fateful evening the girl kissed Semenov. “It could be a call and a prelude” said Sabina Pantus. The girl continues to prove his innocence, and the mother Semenov defends his words.

Диану Шурыгину вывели на чистую воду

As with the other programs in which the girl visited, she threw a tantrum when not able to respond to the pressure from the experts. They suggested that the family of Shurygino could blackmail the family semenovykh. “Yes, actually great, that’s awesome. And Semenov have a Saint? Why only me groan? I now defended himself and his family. Sergey have a Saint, he did not drink and have not smoked, was a virgin, a priest wanted to be,” shouted Diana.

Raised the issue of a broken lip. Shurygina said that it broke a rapist, in that almost no one believed. In the end, she admitted that the father pushed her in the car when picked up from the party. “This was the only thing. I don’t remember if I hit at the moment,” admitted the girl. Before the victim reported that the father had not raised her hand.

The program also came and mom Ruhlin Alexander, Elena Uvarova. Her son was that night at the party and just wanted to have sex with Shurygino. She asked him to leave and he didn’t argue. He has not found anything criminal, because of what the guy on the loose.

Mother Ruhlin was immediately aggressive, because that “so many lives spoiled kid”. “Aren’t you afraid that we’ll sue lugones?” threatened Elena. According to her, the girl that night kissed her son, but Diana couldn’t remember this episode.

Still, Elena sees the situation and the guilt of the boys. “Diana in everything and don’t blame. Is the fault of the boys that were there… My son is received unworthily,” said the woman expert Sabine Pantus.

At the end of the program, the examiner reported that when Diana says about rape — she is telling the truth.